Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's been a long time!

Well Everyone.... It has been a long time! So much has happened it's hard to know where to start. So- I won't start anywhere I guess.. except for here, now.

I am living in Utah with the kids. Donny is in Afghanistan flying contract for the military. We are getting divorced and should be final very soon. I am going to school at Utah Valley University and on track to graduate in April. I have mixed feelings about that and not really sure where life will take me at that point.

Samantha is in Dance and LOVES it! She is so talented and really would do everything if she had the time. But, I think her most favorite thing to do is to write. She writes stories, letters, songs and anything else she can think of.

Jacob has been in gymnastics and karate. He is just happy doing SOMETHING. I think his most favorite thing to do is soccer and I am trying to find an all-year soccer team for him to be part of. He really enjoys kindergarten and playing with his friends. Especially the playing with friends part. He is still a very picky eater! It's very difficult to make something he will eat.. so I actually stopped worrying about it. He just eats what he can find that he likes.

Joshua is still so much fun! He is so dang cute! I wish kids would all stay this cute! Unfortunately, they don't. I think it is safe to say that Joshua has been my saving grace! He is really what has kept me going! The Lord blessed me with that baby at the time that I needed him the most! He does cute things like grab your chin and turn it to him so that he knows he has your attention. He tells me that he loves me all the time! He will put both of his little hands on the sides of my face and kiss me. He is so gentle and loving and tender. He loves to sit with me while watching tv.

I am grateful for my three kids. The past year and a half has been very difficult and we have gone through a lot of changes, but we have stuck together and are getting through it. We know that God is blessing us everyday. We try to do the things that we know we need to do so that we will always be able to receive the blessings that are in store for us.

I hope to be able to write again at some point, but for now, this is going to have to be IT for a while. Just too much going on and not enough time in the day. We thank all of you for your prayers and thoughts. We are well!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Utah State Fair

In September we went to the Utah State Fair in Salt Lake. I mainly wanted to take the kids because I wanted to take them to see the rodeo- which I don't think they have ever been to.... or if they have, they were way too young to remember. So- we went and spent almost the whole day there. The kids had so much fun. Here are some pictures of some of the rides they went on.... This one, Samantha went on by herself... she sure is gutsy! She went on almost all of them! This one went REALLY HIGH and then DROPPED!
This was her after the drop! She loved it!

Joshua playing with some toys on a magnetic board in the natural science section ( I think)...

These things were actually really cool! They were little go cart things on two wheels and they moved as you steered them... They were awesome! The kids loved them. I would have bought them both one... but decided not to.... a little pricey for me right now. Would have made excellent Christmas gifts.
One more ride they went on.. they just had so much fun!
Joshua didn't really go on many.. I took him on one or two and then we all went on this one. HE had a blast! He loves doing what the big kids are doing!
Then came the rodeo.... It was awesome! We bought some kettle corn and enjoyed the show. It started off with two parachuters landing in the rodeo arena. It was so cool! Here is a picture of the first one. Unfortunately, my battery on my camera forgot to charge itself before we went on this venture...... and this was the only picture of the rodeo we got. However, the kids LOVED it and laughed and were amazed and just.... an incredible experience. I am so glad we were able to go. Hopefully, we will be able to go to more of these in the future.


Well, this was probably one of the funnest times I have had! Kevin and Rachel invited us up to the canyon to have a marshmellow roasting party. The drive was amazing! When we got there, we were going to start up our own fire, but then there was this older couple who had already had their dinner and were leaving and offered us their fire. It was almost dead, but we just wanted the coals anyway- so it worked out great! So- we pretty much were able to sit down and start roasting away. Smores were just around the corner.... YUMM!!! Here is Kevin and Rachel enjoying one together... Here is Jacob roasting his marshmellow. Jacob there behind him. The fire was hot and it was a little difficult for the younger kids to get very close.

Kevin, Rachel and Annie

ummm....how many did Kevin eat anyway???

Samantha and her burnt marshmellow. She actually likes it this way. Crazy girl!
Annie eating just the chocolate I think....

I didn't get a picture of me or of stockton.. oooops.... NEXT TIME!

Jacob's playing soccer

Jacob wanted so desperately to sign up for soccer with Jaimen. Well, we got him signed up, but he ended up NOT getting on the same team as Jaimen. So- he was all on his own, but he had so much fun and he really is SUCH a good soccer player! This is him striking a pose after one of his games..... This is actually a huge rock that is pretty difficult to climb.. but he manages. This is what Samantha does during the games. Sometimes she will sit and watch, but sometimes she just can't stand looking at the huge hill next to the field and just HAS to roll down it.
This is what Joshua does during the games. He plays with his own soccer ball. He is a NATURAL! He LOVES to kick a ball. Both of my boys must take after their dad, who also played soccer....

When Jacob had to sit out for a break, Joshua decided to sit on his lap because Jacob was sitting in "his" chair- which actually was not "his" chair at all.... it was Jacobs..but, Jacob got injured and wasn't happy about it. Poor kid! (look at Joshua and how he is laughing that he beat up on his brother! LOL!).
Jacob making a goal!

Jacob blocking the goal... they don't really have goalies at this age, but Jacob sure knows what to do when the ball gets too close.
Jacob kicking the ball.... This is his coach in the background...
This was a picture of Jacob after his last game. They don't do banquets here in Utah.. a little strange. So- when the whistle blows.. that's it.

Oh, but the coach does pass out a certificate (which he didn't sign) and a little soccer necklace...no trophy or anything. I wonder if they do that for ALL ages? Hmmm... It was fun watching him play though. He is very good and I can see me being a soccer mom for a very LONG time, which I will thoroughly enjoy!

Samantha's First Day of School

Samantha's first day of school was early this year. She started school at the end of August. She is in the third grade now. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. Her Teacher is Mrs. Hoover. She is quickly getting to know more of the kids in her class and school. She really likes it so much. When they did the reading assessments, the teacher said she is reading at a 5th grade level. AMAZING! That's Montessori school for ya! Thanks Mom! She misses all of her friends from her old school and the fact that she knew just about everyone. She was so excited to start school though... check out that smile!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Salt Lake City Water Fun!- Summer 2010

So, Rachel (Norris) and I took the kids into Salt Lake City to this little water park area. It was so much fun. Crazy thing was.... it was so dang hot but the kids still didn't want to get wet at first. The cool water felt so good to me! So, here are some pictures from that day. I noticed that Rachel and I are not in any.... planned??? This is the back of Stockton and Jacob. Samantha getting "used" to it!
Samantha and Annie.. so cute!

Jacob running through... this took a lot of coaxing... he REALLY didn't want to do this...

Joshua wouldn't go in without me.... and, well, I didn't really want to get all wet. I wasn't prepared to get soaked.... so- he only got to go in at the edges where it was "safer" for mom. He still had fun!

This is Samantha, Annie and Jacob.. not sure where Stockton went.

Jacob... striking a pose... took them a while to get gutsy... but they finally caved and had a blast!

Dinosaur Museum- August

We decided to go to this Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving point. It was amazing! We watched a movie about the dinosaurs, played in the sand and dug up some bones, talked with archeologists and played some scavenger hunt games... so much fun! Here are the pics.... This wasn't turned on it's side when I uploaded it...so, I have no idea why it came up on here sideways.....
Samantha and Morgen playing in the sand... having a blast!

Samantha, Morgen and Jacob in front of one of the dinosaurs.
Joshua... I wouldn't let him get in the sand.... poor boy.... had to watch!
Samantha , Morgen and Jacob digging up bones...
This was taken a little earlier. The kids were having a fun time drawing with sidewalk chalk. This was the world I think they said... can't remember.